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Our Successful Clients

What Our Clients Say

Read what our clients here at Real Estate Investment Institute of Atlanta say about the work that we do:

“There was a moment in my life when I had lost everything. I had no idea how I was going to bounce back. I met Mr. Smith through a friend of mine. He sat down with me and took the time to allow me to share my issues; then he presented me with a possible solution through real estate investments.

I knew little about the subject but I was willing to try it. He guided me through the process and several weeks later, I found myself earning an income that got me back on my feet. Thank you for making my life easy.”

- Ken D., Atlanta, Georgia

“The Real Estate Investment Institute of Atlanta showed me the way to financial freedom. I have to admit, I did not think it was a good idea at first because I had attended one of those high energy seminars and I purchased one of their kits for $10,000.00. I read the material but did not understand a thing I read and worse, it sat on my shelf for over a year collecting dust.

I heard about the school through a real estate agent and I decided to call. I went for the initial free consultation and I liked what I heard, but I did not want to spend additional money. Mr. Smith gave me the option of attending the program for the cost of the material with the understanding that if I finished, he would work closely with me on my first deal and I would pay him the rest at that point.

My first deal was completed within 60 days of my completion and I was able to cover my investment. Thanks REIIATL, you guys rock.”

- Kathy J. McDonough, Georgia

“I went to the Real Estate Investment Institute so that I could better my situation. When I finished, I was not happy because I did not understand the concept enough to actual do a deal. Mr. Smith found out that I was not happy and reached out to me to discuss it. It turned out that I was going about it wrong and that I was listening to other people who had never succeeded at anything.

We talked and Mr. Smith made sure that I took a free refresher so that I could grasp the information better. It took me 4 months but I closed my first deal and I was smiling to and from the bank. Thanks REIIATL for believing in me and being patient with me.”

- Donald M., Lithia Springs, Georgia

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